Commerce Department

The Department of Commerce was started in the year 2000.During Prof. P.Balakrishnan headship, the department grew into a Post Graduate department in 2012. B.Com with Computer Application was introduced in the year 2000.
"Providing holistic and quality education within the reach of alI”
->Imparting holistic and man-making education with emphasis on character, culture and value - moral and ethical.
-> Designing the curriculum and offering courses that transform its students into value added skilled human resources.
->Constantly updating academic and management practices towards total quality management and promotion of quality in all spheres

Faculty Details

Name Qualification Designation Date of Joining Email Experience Image
Dr.P.BALAKRISHNAN M.Com.,M.Phil.,Ph.D.,PGDCA.,HDCA., Head & Associate Professor, Coordinator for M.Com (CA) 07.01.2000 p.balakrishnan@shartsandscience-edu.in 22 years
R.AROCKIA ANISIA M.Com.,M.Phil., Assistant Professor (SL.Grade),Coordinator for B.Com and B.Com (CA) 13.06.2007 r.arockia@shartsandscience-edu.in 15 years
S.SELVA GANESAN M.Com.,M.Phil.,B.Ed.,M.A Assistant Professor (SL.Grade) 23.09.2002 s.selvaganesan@shartsandscience-edu.in 20 Years
N.YAMUNA M.Com.,M.Phil., Assistant Professor (SR.Grade) 26.07.2012 n.yamuna@shartsandscience-edu.in 10 Years
S.R.DEEPIKA M.Com.,M.Phil., Assistant Professor 16.06.2017 s.r.deepikashartsandscience-edu.in 5 years
S.MUNIYA SATHYA M.Com(CA),M.Phil Assisatant professor 17.08.2017 s.sathya@shartsandscience-edu.in 5 Years
S.CHANDRASEKARAN M.COM.,MPHIL.,DCA., Assistant Professor 29.08.2017 s.chandrasekaran@shartsandscience-edu.in 5 Years
T.KAMALAVENI M.com.,M.Phil., Assistant Professor 18.06.2018 t.kamalaveni@shartsandscience-edu.in 4 Years
N.PRAVINTH M.Com.,M.Phil.,PGDCA Assistant Professor 20.06.2019 n.pravinth@shartsandscience-edu.in 3 Years
S.SARANYA M.Sc.,M.Phil., Assistant Professor 10.02.2021 s.saranya@shartsandscience-edu.in 1 years
T.CHITHRA LEKHA M.Com.,M.Phil.,PGDCA., Assistant Professor 18.03.2021 t.chithra@shartsandscience-edu.in 1 Years
A.NIROSE FATHIMA M.Com.,M.Phil., Assistant Professor 22.10.2021 a.nirosefathima@shartsandscience-edu.in
C.BIRUNTHA M.Phil.,HDCA.,DTP Assistant Professor 06.12.2021 c.biruntha@shartsandscience-edu.in