Chemistry Department

Chemistry is the Study of matter its properties, how and why Substances combine or separate to form other Substances, and how Substances interact with energy.chemistry is one of the physical sciences thar help us to desctibe and explain our world.

Faculty Details

Name Qualification Designation Date of Joining Email Experience Image
A.Abdul Sardhar M.Sc.,M.Phil., Head & Assistant Professor (SL.Grade) 06.07.2005 a.sardhar@shartsandscience-edu.in 17 Years
R.Mohamed Ibrahim M.Sc.M.Phil., Assistant Professor 01.07.2017 r.ibrahim@shartsandscience-edu.in 5 Years
S.Musthafa Kani Assistant Professor M.sc,M.phil,B.Ed. 01.03.2022 s.musthafa@shartsandscience-edu.in
M.Selvakumar Assistant Professor M.Sc.,B.Ed.,M.Phil., 18.06.2018 m.selvakumar@shartsandsciece-edu.in 4 Years
A.Thameem Rishwana Assistant Professor M.Sc.,M.Phil., 01.03.2022 a.thameemriswana@shartsandscience-edu.in